Republican Senators Prove to America They Are Nothing But Filthy Liars

For 7 Years EVERY Republican politician Legislator Running for Workplace Ran on Reversing Obamacare.Just four months ago Republicans ran an ad on how they are keeping their guarantee on repealing Obamacare.This was AFTER the election. The ad was titled:”In Charge. “Senator McCain worked on reversing Obamacare in 2016 McCain lectured Democrats to wake up to the failure of Obamacare last September.Headed to the flooring to speak about the brand-new health care regulations connected to Obamacare– we need to reverse and replace.– John McCain( @SenJohnMcCain ) September 29, 2010 last week John McCain flew back to Washington DC this week…

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Trump’s White House feuds are even better reimagined as a pro-wrestling special

We’re simply weeks away from the WWE’s yearly late-summer smörgåsbord of expert sports home entertainment, SummerSlam. But for all the hype of the second-biggest professional fumbling program of the year (behind spring’s WrestleMania), the real fights are simmering in Washington, D.C.While stories about a White House at war with itself have been flowing for months, the situation struck a brand-new level of surreal today as brand-new White Home Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci ban, is frequently thought about sympatico with Bannon; The Atlantic called Bannon and Miller”the essential figures of what might be called the Breitbart wing.” The wild card…

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Trump Threatens To End Health Care Subsidies For Poor Americans, Congress – Talking Points Memo

Trump Threatens To End Healthcare Subsidies For Poor Americans, Congress Still blistering over the newest defeat of Obamacare repeal, Trump on Saturday threatened to do away with healthcare aids that impact both the poorest Americans and Congress. “If a brand-new HealthCare Expense is not approved quickly,” Trump tweeted. “BAILOUTS for Insurance provider and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end soon!” If a new Health care Expense is not authorized quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance provider and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end extremely soon!The very first part of his tweet is a referral to cost sharing decrease payments,…

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Trump’s White House Hits A New Level Of Crazy By Telling The Senate What They Can Vote On

The Trump White House has gone off the rails and is now trying to tell the Senate what they are allowed to vote on. Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union: TAPPER: Let me return to health care. Following this week’s collapse of Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare and on occasion replace it, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said he’s ready to move on to other issues. President Trump seems pretty stuck on the issue. He’s been tweeting about it all weekend long, including this morning. This is what he tweeted yesterday — quote —“Unless the Republican senators…

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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Added A High Ranking REPUBLICAN To His ‘Hostile Witness’ List – AMERICAN TODAY

After images of Paul Ryan meeting with former President Barack Obama surfaced just hours after the Republican healthcare expense was pronounced dead on the table in your home of Representatives, Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) gotten in touch with him to address some concerns off the record. Inning accordance with Gowdy’s top aide, Ryan was less than ready to comply: “He informed me to inform Mr. Gowdy that he’s the Speaker of your house which he does not answer to anyone.” Gowdy didn’t take that news well. Rather than confront Ryan and enter into some power struggle, Gowdy instead advised…

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