White House Warning Halted Syria Chemical Attack, Officials Say

Image Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, center, in Brussels last month. He stated on Wednesday that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria”took the warning seriously.” Credit Stephen Crowley/The New york city Times WASHINGTON– President Trump’s national security officials declared on Wednesday that a White Home alerting this week to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria had actually succeeded in stopping a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government.”They didn’t do it,”Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters as he took a trip to Belgium.In an unusual composed declaration on Monday night, White Home officials said the United States had actually”determined possible preparations”by the…

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Massachusetts Student to Meet President Trump

A Massachusetts high school student, who is Muslim American, is hoping to consult with President Donald Trump next month when she travels to Washington, D.C. for the Girls National conference. Rumana Ashraf, a senior at Fitchburg High School, says she will ask the president why he believes Muslims are such negative people. Read More

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CNN’s Don Lemon urges media to ‘turn the cameras on,’ disobey ‘blackballing’ White House

The White House invites reporters inside to take part in their press briefings, so it would stand to reason that White Home authorities should choose the guidelines, like whether or not to allow recordings or turn on the television cameras.But CNN’s Don Lemon has a various idea– civil disobedience, of sorts, and while talking about the matter on Monday he stated as much to another whiner on his network, Jim Acosta.Responding to Acosta accusing the White House of”blackballing”their company, Lemon stated,” Why do not you simply turn the cams on?” “Would they take our press qualifications away?” Acosta responded.”I…

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Putin & Trump will likely have contact on sidelines of G20

“We assume that contact will happen, because the 2 presidents will be at the same time in the very same city, the exact same structure, the very same hall. It won’t be right, I think, if they aren’t able to talk there and to talk about a great deal of concerns,” Lavrov said at a joint press conference with his German equivalent, Sigmar Gabriel, in Krasnodar on Wednesday.The situation in Syria and Ukraine would not be the only concerns Putin and Trump may talk about, Lavrov stated, including that the main focus must be on the “normalization” of US-Russia…

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Donald Trump vs. CNN: How the White House Just Escalated Its War on the Free Press

Tuesday was a glorious day for those who believe that the free press is all that’s keeping America from being made great again. It saw the right escalate its war on the media, in part because of mistakes committed by CNN and The New York Times. Those errors may have been troubling, but they were corrected quickly and unambiguously. Far more troubling was the response of the pro-Trump camp, which zealously sought to discount all journalism on the basis of those two mistakes, to weaken an emboldened press corps by revealing its supposed anti-Trump biases. Those biases may exist,…

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