BBC Makes Drama About Muslim Rape Gang, Doesn’t Mention Islam

REGISTER FOR OUR NEWSLETTER The BBC has actually made a drama about girls affected by Muslim rape gangs– with no mention of Islam in news release or the trailer, the writer declaring “there was no religious basis for this”. 3 Women, which will be aired 16 May on BBC One, tells the story of 3 children from Rochdale targeted by a gang of Pakistani and Afghani origin Muslims in between 2005 and 2008. The case led to the 2012 conviction of the nine men for serious sexual offences, including rape and human trafficking, caused on women as young as…

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Meet the 16-year-old whose poem on marital rape has gone viral

City boy Simar Singh can provide you a complex. At 16, he has actually a viral spoken word efficiency video to his credit. And, he is the founder of a platform that supports the art kind. HT48HRS_Special Poet Simar Singh.(Aalok Soni/ Hindustan Times. Place courtesy: Tuning Fork, Khar) ‘So many households have asked ladies not to speak about this harassment. Many FIRs have never even had the choice of being submitted. Lots of young kids have actually been taught this crime as a ritual.’ These are lines from The Legal Rapist, a spoken word poem about martial rape, which…

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