Neil Gorsuch Just Set The Supreme Court On Fire! No Wonder Trump Picked Him… – The Washington Feed

Justice Gorsuch has hit the ground running and is already proving his independence on the Supreme Court. After being appointed to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch has declined to utilize the courts “cert pool.” The cert pool is a pool of law clerks that advise justices on which cases are worth hearing. (via Daily Caller). The Supreme […] Read More

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Tony Gwynn Statue Unveiled in Poway

Powegians gathered Tuesday to honor ‘Mr. Padre’ Tony Gwynn on what would have been the sports icon’s 57th birthday. The town unveiled a memorial statue at Lake Poway Park. The piece overlooks the baseball field in the North County community that allowed the MLB superstar to be “one of the neighbors,” according to Gwynn’s wife, Alicia. — Todd Strain (@TODDSTRAINNBCSD) May 9, 2017 “Tony didn’t like a lot of ceremony and didn’t like a lot of praise. He was a very humble person,” Longtime friend and agent John Boggs said at Tuesday’s ceremony. “He would be very touched today…

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