10 Factors The Republican Attacks On Tidy Energy & Electric Automobiles Are So Smart

put lives at threat via more wars and reliance on foreign imports. (Also, those wars are fantastic for our nationwide financial obligation. Just ask George W. Bush.)8. Healthy citizens live longer, which means more services and assistance for those individuals gradually. It’s cheaper and simpler if great deals of American citizens die too soon from high levels of pollution and more extreme natural disasters. Duh.9. Billionaires and huge corporations in the oil, gas, and coal markets put millions of

dollars into buying Republican politicians moneying Republican projects. It would be a horrible message for the world and a breakdown in our democracy if it turned out billionaires and big corporations could not form the unwritten law in a manner that benefited them over others.10. Begin– the entire world has to come crashing down in order to instill a little humbleness. How will we put our cumulative ego into check if we don’t tank the economy, tank our health, and ruin our environment? 1 Via hyper-deregulation and constantly moving more of a society’s wealth to the extremely abundant while securing them from the ramifications of large-scale gambling.

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